Filter Products



Advantages of convenient exchange of filtration process

EZ-CANGE easy to clean exchange unit

Safety:The liquid does not leak out, which can improve the working environment and ensure the safety of the work.
Simple:One-step filter replacement drastically reduces operating time and prevents safety lapses.
Fast: Cleaning is not required after filter element replacement, greatly reducing replacement work time.

From development to mass production, the style is complete and the supply is sufficient

Complete supply from development to mass production

Provide customers with solutions from the experimental end to the realization of mass products
(There are many kinds of inventory, please consult with the salesperson)

Other customized services

Other customized services

Specialize product requirements, or find alternatives, build filtration systems from scratch, etc.

Filtration-related products, including filter cloth, filter bag, filter core, stainless steel filter, in response to different materials such as PP, Nylon, Teflon, PES, etc., different shapes and other special specifications, the pore size precision is as small as 0.04um and as large as 400um. Can provide equivalent needs.

Filter Application